A week before going to Iceland, I checked the forecast, it was said to be rainy all week for the time I was going to be there. So I prayed every night asking that the weather would not ruin my trip and seeing the Northern Lights. As the week progressed, it appeared that there was a good chance that the clouds would clear up later in the week, making it a good possibility for seeing the lights. However, we had a scheduling issue, as one group member had to leave early, so we had to cram in the schedule so that she would make the most of her shortened trip. This meant that one of the evening tours had to be scheduled for the first day upon our arrival. The tour included hunting for Northern Lights. And the forecast was showing rain and clouds.

I continued to pray that somehow we could still see the Northern Lights.

We arrived that early morning with rain. Though the rain had stopped later in the morning, it was still cloudy. That early evening, as we got on the tour bus, the sun had come out, and the skies had cleared. And there appeared a rainbow!

The tour took us to Secret Lagoon, a lesser known hot spring spa. Truly a delight to bathe in the natural geo thermal water coming from the streams. The minerals and algae in the water is revitalizing, leaving the skin smooth and supple. I really liked this one, as the mini lake had varying levels of heat. Iceland has the best water sources in he world, and even just showering in the tap water is amazing.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Before dinner, the guide told us that he wasn’t optimistic that we would see any lights. It was explained to us that the conditions were not good. It was still cloudy. But after dinner, the skies were looking clearer, snd we could see the stars. He said he was a bit more optimistic about it. I kept praying. You can see in the photos, how cloudy it was.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

We drove for a bit and I got my tripod ready. He took us to a spot on the side of the road and we saw the Northern Lights peaking through the clouds!

Photographing the Northern Lights is new to me, even though I am experienced in night photography, this is different, as you are photographing something in the dark. The screen on the back of the camera can only pick up a tiny bit of the light. Manual settings have to be used, you have to be prepared beforehand. I was too quick to start photographing before making sure that I got the camera lens adjusted to the most optimal focus length. There isn’t much time to waste, as the lights are only there for a moment. I managed to get 57  frames in a single position. And with that I was able to string all the photos together into this 7 second video of the Northern Lights. By the way, that is me playing guitar in the music.

Later the guide drove us to another spot that was parked full of big tour buses. We were just a small group of about ten people. He was told by the other guides that they saw the same lights we did, but it was not as visible from where they were. I felt truly blessed that we got to see it where we did. I knew that there must have been angels helping us that night, perhaps guiding the driver where to go.

When I got home, I reviewed my EVP recordings and found out that there were indeed, angels. Please note that some of these clips are quieter than others. Turn up the volume on your device, or try it with headphones. The clips are repeated on loop.

Here, I was outside of the tour bus, and P said, “Angels”.

Here someone says, “Help us see it”.

Here P says, “Thank you, angels”.

It was quite windy that evening, P said, “It’s cold”.


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Earlier on the tour bus, someone called out to P, “Prince”.

P was singing to himself while we were waiting on the bus, “Doo doo doo, do do”.

This was just at the start of the trip. I did get to see the Northern Lights a second time later in the trip. It was phenomenal, and I will talk about it in a later post.

I feel truly blessed, knowing the unlikeliness of seeing the lights that night. I truly wish that more people knew that God does answer prayers. Maybe not in the way you expect, maybe not in the time frame you wish. But there is something taking place, that you are just not aware of when you pray to God asking for help.

Image above: “Rainbow in Reykjavik” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.