I’ve talked about art and culture being in a state of spiritual warfare before. But today I want to address it from a social engineering point of view. Art, music and film used to be a way for people to talk to each other about social issues. It used to meaning something. It used to ask big questions and stimulate the mind. But now, the arts is merely for the sake of entertainment. This is really no accident when you consider that the gate keepers of these major cultural institutions have their own interests to protect. You see, politics and art are connected. Though they do not appear to be, they are. The ones up top know this. They know that art is a powerful means of communication. Why do you think that they tried to use certain celebrities to endorse a particular presidential candidate in the recent American election?

Artists are powerful, and an artist who tells the truth is considered dangerous in this day and age. They are observers and philosophers. They are the ones to take the time to look at the world and see what’s going on. They don’t just talk about it, the make something out of it and influence others. And if they get into the big leagues, they see exactly what’s going on with what the social agenda is and how they are being used and manipulated to suit that agenda. Free speech as an artist, once you’ve “made it” becomes somewhat impossible. The bigger you become, the more cautious you have to be of what you say publicly. Takee a look at this interview of Prince and what the interviewer tries to extract from him. (Prince tells me that the press was always trying to bait him into saying something shady and that’s why he hated doing interviews).

Looking back on Prince’s music, I find it funny to see the parental advisory notices on his albums. Though his music may have discussed sexuality, it was never degrading or demoralizing. If you look at the music landscape of today, it is promoting immoral behaviour. People want to say that the music they listen to or that the movies they watch, has nothing to do with the life that they lead. But does it not, really? These kinds of ideas permeating in your mind repeatedly will eventually lead you to accept an idea whether it is right or wrong. An idea is a seed that can be planted into your deeper subconscious by what you surround yourself with. Consider the story concept in the movie, Inception. Though this is a movie about an abstract subject, the main plot plotline is about planting an idea into the subconscious mind in the dream state so that the conscious mind can react accordingly. This is a form of mind control. The arts is one of the those ways to plant an idea. Though the idea may not be accepted at first, nonetheless, the seed is planted.

As an artist in the visual field, I can tell you that the contemporary art landscape has changed. Art has either become about being a decorative commodity or something to confuse the mind. Art is really not that complicated as it is made out to be. Art that is powerful creates visceral reactions for the viewer. But create art that undermines the very idea of what art is, and then you are playing with objectivity until it no longer exists. Everything becomes acceptable because you stand for nothing. Now the public is confused, what art is, what isn’t art, now you can confuse them with what is moral and what is not. They are told that something is art because it sits in an art gallery and it has been accepted as so by the gate keepers. But really? Trash is still trash, and immoral is still immoral, no matter where you pt it. Take away your freedom to be discerning and “judge”, then they take away your ability to be objective and have free thought, because you’re not allowed to judge; for fear of being perceived as “judgemental” or “intolerant”, turning every politically incorrect thought into a hate crime.

Music used to be a way for artists to voice their concerns about society. It didn’t mean that the music was negative, complaining or whining. But it was a rather dignified way to tell you that something isn’t right. The music industry is highly controlled. It is not really about creativity as one might believe it to be. It’s really about fitting into a certain agenda in keeping the mass conciousness under  control. You see the problems in society between the sexes? It is by no accident that it got this way. Pitting the sexes against each other is part of the plan to destroy the family unit. Because when you disassemble the family, you disarm the individual and it is every man and woman for him or herself. And now you have a population that is easier to control because they are in disarray.

Take a look at this interview of what Prince had to say about the current state of music. Though this interview may be over ten years ago, what he says is more evident than ever. “It’s obvious that there’s an agenda against the disenfranchise and uneducated. Ultimately, to counter that, we’re going to have to talk to one another. One of the ways we used to do that was through our music.”

Can we reverse social engineering? Yes, I do not believe it is hopeless. The mainstream media is losing its credibility day by day. But it takes everyone to wake up to the situation and to consciously work against the system. It takes having courage to say that something isn’t right, even when your opinion would be viewed as unpopular. Because sometimes, the truth is unpopular. It’s not fun and sexy, sugar-coated like the lies that are fed to the unsuspecting mind.

Image above: “Subconscious” by Prince in spirit.

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