Some time ago, I had my photograph taken by a professional photographer. I had my makeup all done up by an artist and she styled my hair with loads of dry shampoo. Though I looked great and the pictures looked nice., over time I felt like these pictures didn’t reflect me anymore. During the session I was asked to hold a big smile and and do these bizarre poses that are supposed to make me look good.  While it all looks good on paper, my photos didn’t feel authentic.

Now I am a photographer and I don’t do any of the above. I don’t use a make up artist. I don’t ask for smiles or weird poses. I might give a bit of direction or suggestions, but they are done at the client’s free will. Heck, I’ll even admit for my own self-portraits, I’m on third-day hair! Tire’s something about this lack of pretension, of hiding behind hair and make up that FREES the SPIRIT. I shoot from the HEART. It’s a dance we’re doing, just me and you with the camera. And thats when I get YOU at your most BEAUTIFUL and REAL. Check out my portrait portfolio and rate card.