A year ago, not long after Prince showed up in spirit, I had a dream. He had come to pick me up in a purple car. It was night time and we drove until it became day, and he took me to a music festival. We pulled up on the festival grounds and I was assisting him with his guitar. He said to me that he was going teach me to play.

I had a guitar when I was a teenager. I don’t even know an actual song. I never got far in learning, and eventually that guitar sat in the basement. I kept hearing from Prince, to go find that guitar. When I did eventually, I found it in sorry state. The strings had rusted over time. So I ordered new strings and replaced them (quite a task!).

I got the strings on. But I couldn’t find my tuner. So I just did it according to what I hear in my head. I realized that you could download apps for guitar tuning on your smart phone, so I did that. I tuned it accordingly, realizing how totally off I was based on the tuner.

I played around with the guitar for a while. But soon lost interest, not really getting anywhere. And then I had a dream a couple weeks ago. I had two guitars, one was mine, and the other belonged to Prince. it was made of light wood with white trim (which I later recognized in a photo). The strings on my guitar were all wonky and loose. I couldn’t understand what this dream meant exactly.

Prince and his acoustic guitar that I sw in my dream

But then someone asked me a metaphysical question about toning. And I said, is your query having to do with 432 hz? It was just something I heard in my mind. I didn’t really know what it was about. But I did hear a podcast about the subject. I found it interesting, but I was too busy with other things. I decided to go back to listen again.

The subject matter of 432 blew me away. And I could feel that Prince might have had something to say about it when he was alive. So I searched online, and there it was. He had done a Facebook Q and A, where over 3000 questions were sent in. But he only answered one question. And this made headlines. And fans were mad that he only answered the one question.

The question he answered was submitted by Dee J FoGee: “TRUTH .: Greetings my dear Brother… Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies??? Thanks in advance!!! Warmest regards, Emanuel…”

His answer, in typical cryptic Prince-style: “THE GOLD STANDARD”, and then he posted a link to this article about 432 and why you should use 432 tuning. The article explains the mathematical and spiritual connections that are linked to 432 hz tuning. The majority of music that we know of since 1939 is created using 440 hz tuning, as it was declared the new standard.  440 hz tuning crates dissonance that is not noticeable to the ears, but on the subliminal level, it crates disharmony. 440 tuning makes a person feel uptight without knowing it. 432 tuning is looser, so when you tune a guitar is the strings use less tension, and the strings vibrate more.  My dream began to make sense as I discovered this. Prince was advising that I use the 432 tuning for my guitar.

While many articles have talked about this Q and A event, they never pointed out how clever he was being in his answer. This Q and A was done as a promotion for this Art Official Age album release, which contains a song called The Gold Standard. If you know Prince, you know he was saying plenty in his few words, and telling you all about it in his music. Here’s some of the lyrics from the track:

We know what y’all be feelin’, there use 2 be a time
Music was like a spiritual healing, the body, the soul and mind (Some medicine)
U don’t need 2 be rude, U don’t need 2 be wild
If what U play take Ur troubles away and make somebody smile

The gold standard, crazy amazing, upper echelon groove
The gold standard, crazy amazing, turn it up, let Ur body move

What he was saying in these lines, is that it used to be thatmusic was not merely for entertainment, it was something of a spiritual nature that could heal you on all level, your body, soul, mind. Think of all the Shamans performing music, and the religious traditions that include chanting and drumming.

Some people were baffled that he only answered this question, others wondered if it was even really him, if it was a joke. What people might not realize is that, by only answering this one question in the Q and A, he was bringing attention to what he considers the most important, so it should be taken seriously. He doesn’t make public statements without purpose.

On a side note, if you checked out the article that he linked to, you will notice a comparison of water sound images, of what 432 and 440 hz looks like, and also images of water crystals. During Prince’s last tour for Piano and Microphone, he had these groovy kaleidoscope animations (reminiscent of these frequency images) on the projector screen. This was meant to relax and heal his audiences as they listened to him play.

Piano and Microphone tour from his Instagram.

The universe was designed to be harmonious. Where there are disruptive patterns, there is disharmony. Where there is order, there is harmony. Just like in music, harmony is crucial for health and vitality. By restoring harmony, one can heal and return to the way that it was once meant to be. From what I understand, we are constantly bombarded by disharmonious frequencies from all angle (EMF, cell phone towers, wi-fi, HAARP, airport body scanners, noise pollution). It is crucial in these times to use harmonious frequencies to restore order in the body. One can meditate all day long and still get nowhere because of the disharmonious frequencies suppressing your vibes. The way to break free from this is through harmonious frequencies generated by sound.

I have figured out how to tune my guitar to 432 hz tuning. I can honestly say, what a difference! And it sounds exactly like how I hear it in my head. Standard tuning sounds off-putting to me. 432 sounds amazing just strumming it, not even playing a song. The vibes from the acoustics are mesmerizing. Its kind of addictive.  Because I think it’s so important, a tool for uplifting humanity, I’m going to do a post on how to tune a guitar to 432 hz, as I did not find any good instructions on how to do it. So stay tuned if you’re interested.  Here is how you tune your guitar (and other instruments) to 432 hz. 

Image above: “Guitar pick” by Andrea Mai.

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