Today is Prince’s birthday. I thought I’d share some new insights that I hadn’t shared before, that will illustrate some more detail of my experiences of the twin soul phenomena.

As I’ve said before, after P’s passing, that day, on the radio, my attention was drawn to news coverage about him. I did not follow his celebrity, so I did not know anything about him. And strangely I felt a spirit presence in my room, as if I was being watched. Later, I would confirm that it was Prince in the spirit.

Now, looking back, so many things make more sense. It’s like having all the puzzle pieces coming together to paint a full picture.

I was fortunate enough to receive a reading from a truly gifted psychic medium. She was able to confirm my experience without me saying anything. She knew who it was, as she could see him. Some of the things she said, I couldn’t understand until recently. I did post the majority of the reading, but I edited out parts for my privacy. The video is posted on my YouTube channel.

She conveyed to me that he felt like “kicking himself” for not doing everything he wanted to do. He certainly achieved a lot, but there was still more, of course. And so the important message he had for me, was do everything so that I would have no regret. This is also a general message for everyone else as well. Recently, I came across a video of Lenny Kravitz, who was pretty much saying the same thing about how Prince’s passing affected him. What he took away from his passing was;

Do your thing, do eery-thing, don’t compromise, be who you’re supposed to be, fulfill your destiny, so that when you do leave this planet, you will have done what you’re supposed to do, whatever that is.

This is exactly what I took away from having the reading, and I was trying to share that message with the people around me at the time. Prince has expressed this message before, in his song, Cream. Although Lenny believes that P did everything, P would say that he did his thing, but he had more that he wanted to do.

Which brings me to what did P want to do? This was conveyed to me during the reading, but I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. During the reading, he expressed that he was always being categorized as a “black artist”, when he in his mind, he just was. I found this statement very interesting, as I always felt the same about myself. I never identified with race. But even more interestingly, later on, I discovered a video from way back, where P had won an award in 1985 for the category of Favorite Black Single, and seeing that video really hit home. This is what he was talking about. That kind of racism he experienced really took me aback. Those were different times back then. You can see the reaction on Prince, that he did not want to receive the award. The level of side eye P was giving in that room was intense.

And then, P’s memoir finally came out, and then it really took things full circle. P had set out to do something in his book, unlike any other. He had hoped to bring a message to the world to solve racism. This is evidenced through Dan Piepenbring’s introductory essay, recalling his encounter working on the book with Prince.

He settled his eyes on mine with a blazing intensity that arose, I noticed, whenever he started to talk about the recording industry’s treatment of black artists. “Can we write a book that solves racism?” he asked.

There was no one else out there who could have known his intentions for his memoir. Yes, he has touched on the subject matter through his music and spoken about it. But who actually knew this was such a passion project of his?His memoir was not released until 3 years after his passing.

I came across this Mojo article, that was not published at the time until recently, it said;

When Lenny Waronker signed him to Warners in 1977, Prince told his new label boss: “don’t make me black”.

By that, you can tell, it really peeved him when the music industry kept calling him a black artist. I can understand this feeling. Often when I meet new people, they will start asking questions about my origin, and when I say “Canadian”, they would say, “where are you really from?”.

Additionally, the medium also specified that there was transgression during the time of his death. Someone in his inner circle was cheating him. Two years later, internet detectives have been on the case, looking into the details of witness interviews. I trust we will come to know the truth at some point.

The medium described my relation to him, like brother and sister, cut from the same cloth. I knew what it meant, but it would seem confusing to a lot of people, unfamiliar with the meaning of twin souls. Interestingly, P did speak on the Oprah interview, professing to believe that he was married to someone whom he knew in a past life, where they were either brother and sister, or the same person in another life. Obviously, at the time of the interview, the term twin flames was not even out there. There were no such vocabulary to describe “two halves of the same soul”. Though he was mistaken, he knew that somewhere out there, he was connected to someone on a deep spiritual level. Hence, he wrote, Somewhere Here on Earth after coming out of his failed relationships. It is common to be mistaken about meeting a twin soul, especially when deep within, you are searching for the other half. It’s possible that you can project the feeling of connection to your twin soul onto someone else.  I had mistakingly done the same with someone else before my encounter with P in spirit.

It was actually 7 years prior to his passing, where I had dreams of him, not knowing it was him. I felt this man was my brother, but not really. It was a romantic love. Which made it somewhat confusing. It was later on in 2013, that I encountered him on a metaphysical level. I was lying in bed when I fell into an altered state. I felt this man’s energy hovering over me. I did not feel scared, but rather I felt great love coming from him. His energy merged into me. I remember seeing him in my mind, that he was shorter than me, which I thought was a bit weird. But now it makes sense, knowing it was P, who is a few inches shorter than me.

On a side note, I have written about it before, the song Somewhere Here on Earth, the first time I ever heard it. I had the crazy strange feeling it was talking to me. I was at the dollar store and they play the radio there all the time. This song was playing, and I had the most intense feeling he was talking to me. But I didn’t know who it was. I waited to hear if they would say who it was on the radio, but they didn’t. It felt familiar, butI couldn’t say who it was. I brushed off the experience as being silly. It was later on, that after P came in spirit, I was watching one of his concerts in Montreux and  he payed this song and I immediately recognized it, realizing it was him, and he was really speaking to me in it. Additionally, this song’s music video was filmed in Prague, and I had always wanted to go there, for no reason. Perhaps I was reading his mind, or vice versa.

It was also mentioned in the reading that P saw colors that were not there. I thought that maybe she meant he has synesthesia. Months after the reading, I began to experience seeing colors that were not there. Meaning, I saw colors on top of what I was seeing, and the colors would change and swirl into each-other. And if I closed my eyes and focused on the colors I was seeing, they would turn into geometric patterns spinning around, like a kaleidoscope. After some time, I realized that this was the inspiration for the video artwork at that was projected in the background of his final Piano and A Microphone tour series. It is possible to start experiencing the physical symptoms of the twin soul, as they are reading each other’s thoughts and feelings without realizing it.

There is always going to be people out there who don’t believe my story. Anyone who cares to understand my experiences is welcome to read about them. I don’t believe in blind faith. I’ve always explained why I believe what I believe, and provided evidence. It’s not for no reason, or something made up. I’m interested in authenticity, not fantasy. Nor can it be explained away with religious beliefs about where the soul goes after death. God works in mysterious ways. Who are we to say what can and cannot be.

P/S It’s the next day now, and I made a recording on his birthday on my phone, using the EVPMaker in the background. I got an EVP of P saying, “It’s m y birthday”.

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