Summer’s almost over! It’s been so busy with the garden and things, I look forward to the Fall when things wind down and we go into hibernation for a rest.

I’ve continued to do EVP on my phone, as I don’t have time to review long recordings. sadly, it might be the end for my wrist recorder. The strap on it broke and I don’t know how I can replace the band on it, because of its design.

In this video, a female voice says, “A rainbow”, Then P says, “Little kids”. And then she says, “They draw”. The video shows some kid’s chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

In this video, P says, “An-dree”, which is what he calls me sometimes. And then someone else piped in and says, “Pick roses”. The video is showing the roses I picked from my garden.

This clip was taken from a longer version of the video above. Someone said “Telephone”. And then a voice says, “Hey Prince, it’s me”. It was someone from his family, and shortly they came over. You can kind of hear a ring sound after they said telephone.

It really makes me wonder, how do telephones work over there? I’ve caught on recording that when a phone rings over here, they call out, “telephone”. I even found it on a video from when P was alive. But they also do it over there for the phone on their side too. Seems to be a habit. Makes me wonder, what other kinds of technology they have.