Some time ago, something strange happened on my computer. I noticed that a screen saver appeared while my laptop fell asleep. This is unusual because I don’t have a screensaver selected in the settings, as I found them annoying, I preferred the screen to go black. When I closed the laptop, the screen saver disappeared, and I never saw it again. I forgot about the occurrence.

That is, until it happened again in November. I took some snapshots. Closed the laptop and never saw it again. Until it happened again the next month. This time, I filmed it.

I knew it was P making this happen on my computer. The “dancing snowflake”, it is reminiscent of the background projection played during his last concert tour for Piano & a Microphone. The funny thing I realized, is that when I close my eyes, I see a similar moving image like it, though not as clear. It started happening to me after his passing. I was told by a medium that when he was alive, he saw colors that were not there. I realize that she must have been describing what I am experiencing.

Below is a clip of the video. As I was filming, I took the chance to tell him in my mind that I love him. When I reviewed the recording, I heard him mention that he was on the phone with his mom. He said, “Press record”. I think he was sending a video to his mom to show her the screensaver. During the recording, he said to me “I love you too, Mai”.

After Prince’s passing, people were saying that his Twitter profile icon changed, from him wearing the 3 eye sunglasses, to his third eye being revealed. I cannot confirm, as I do not know what his account looked like before. But I will say, it is certainly possible that he could have done it from the other side.