The end of last year kinda of sucked. It was fraught with dealing with challenging issues that consumed my personal life. I thought it was going to finally conclude by the middle of this year, but it didn’t. I guess I shouldn’t have held my breath. It’s hard to feel free and be creative when certain issues are nagging at you. I have had to learn to take my mind off of such matters and move on, despite the inconclusive nature of the matter. I hope it will come to its final conclusion by the start of the new year. Nothing is promised, but Ill strive to move forward nonetheless.

In the coming year, I plan to clear out clutter and sell off things that I no longer need. I’m starting with my closet. I want to make room for new things to come in. As a 40-something year old, I’ve come to accept the fact that I might not ever get back to my 30-something year old body. But even if I do, I will move on to new things anyways. I have a new frame of mind when it comes to dressing. I’m in a new era. I care more about being comfortably dressed, but still, always, I am for style. I think confidence shines through when you are not fussing with things that make you physically uncomfortable.

I want to get back to working on creative projects, making new art. I want to get more things done, and hesitate less.