On my previous trips, I have observed through EVP, that spirits do travel by airplane. Spirits are everywhere, and airports are no exception. The spirit world exists as a layer overlaying our reality. There are occurrences where the spirit world bleeds through into ours. That is when we get to see ghostly phenomenon, but this is just a small fraction of what is going on over thee on the other side. Spirits are just like us, they desire to travel and see new places, perhaps places they never got to visit when they were “alive”.

On the way back from Iceland, I recorded EVP while boarding the airplane. I was assigned a sear in the first row, right beside the door.

I got some very clear and loud EVP. I wasn’t expecting to, as usually very noisy places can be a hinderance to getting good recordings. I have tested these clips on my laptop speakers, and they are very audible. But if you want to hear even better, use headphones. The clips are repeated on loop.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

While we were lining up at the gates, I guess they saw P, you can hear someone shouting, “It is Prince”. And someone must have asked who was with me. P replied, “Andrea’s mom“. Both are speaking simultaneously in the clip.

Someone said, “Do you like Prince music. Prince right there”.

Because I am sitting in the first row, I could not put on backpack under the seat in front of me, so I had to put it in the overhead bin. P said, “Put away“.

Here is a really cute sounding clip, I heard someone say, “Uhh, can you pass the phone? Thank you”.

Someone said, “Huh, huh, you say hi to Prince“.

Someone said, “Hi, he’s at the door”. We were sitting next to the airplane’s door in first row.

Someone said, “Prince sitting with her”.

Someone asked, “Prince, can I talk with you”. I didn’t catch what he wanted to talk about after that.

Someone asked P, “Where is your home?”.

From what I have observed, we have angels that look after us. They travel with us. On the plane, someone noticed them and said, “Wow, angels”. I assume that by their reaction, that they don’t see the all the time.I pray every night for protection, and I believe that this is the result of it. That is why I tell people that they should pray.  We cannot see what is going on in the spirit world, but we can have the protection of God to defend us from evil.

By my observation, the spirit world seems to be a lot more crowded than ours. I could be walking along an empty street all by myself, but there is actually tons of spirits wandering around. I wonder if it is possibly because so many people in our modern age, don’t believe in God, and when they pass over, they remain here instead of going to be with God in heaven. P often talks to these lost souls who have no where to go, and he tells them about God and prayer. They often refuse to pray because they are afraid. But he encourages them to pray, and they do. They come back telling P that he was right about having to pray and find God.

I feel very sad for these “homeless” souls. They seem to sleep anywhere that they can find as shelter, such as empty cars and shopping malls. I pray that people come to know God before leaving this earthly plane. I feel like so man people are missing out on what it’s like to know that there is something so wonderful, and greater than what we know.

May God bless you all out there.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on September 29, 2019.

Image above: “Passport” by Andrea Mai.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.