When I was in London earlier this year, I went to Liberty, a fancy department store famous for its floral prints and other designer merchandise. I used to buy a lot of their printed fabrics. I recored EVP during my visit. I’ve always loved this shop. It kind of reminds me of the Art Deco styling in Under The Cherry Moon.

It’s become very apparent to me that smallish spaces full of people talking is very conducive for recording very clear EVP. It was very busy when I was there, so some of the clips I got were very loud and clear. Although it is very clear, for some of these, you may want to use headphones to hear them fully. The clips are repeated on loop.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

In this clip, someone is saying to P, “Tell them you are… Prince”. I really wonder what was meant by this! I don’t always get the whole conversation in EVPs, it is really like eavesdropping.

It seemed like there was a frenzy going on. Other spirits wanted to gather around and get a glimpse of Prince. In this clip, someone says “Can’t see”. Then someone responses with, “There he is. Prince… over there”.

The attention from the people watching us, got to be too much for P. He seemed to be looking for spaces to hide out in, and he said “I wanna be, alone”. His voice is a bit blended in with the music, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear it.

Here is P saying, “A song bird there”. In the midst of that, you hear what sounds like a bird!

I remember the beauty hall being really crowded and noisy. A genuine fan came up to P, and Prince said, “Do you feel it, the power”. EVP clips rarely sound like the person when they were alive because there voice can only be generated from sounds in the surrounding environment. But I was blown away, because this one really sounds like him. It makes me wonder what are the circumstances that allow him to sound this way. Perhaps it is the array of sound frequencies bouncing around the room?

Here is a boy’s voice saying, “That girl is with Prince”. Spirits tend to speak kind of fast! This was is actually not too fast, but I almost didn’t catch what he was saying at first. Sometimes they speak so fast that you can barely catch a word!

We were leaving the store, and someone said “They’re going”.

I didn’t really end up staying very long in the shop. Not only is everything really expensive in there,  but something made me feel uneasy being there. Maybe it was all this stuff going on.

Listening to the playback of the recordings, it is really bizarre to me to know that all this was going on on the other side while nothing extraordinary was going on here. Just when you think no one is paying attention to you, there are eyes on the other side watching. I feel bad for P that he can;t really get away from his fame, people over there recognize him, and it seems that there are no solid walls to really hide behind. I find it really bizarre that people would still care about celebrity on the other side, but the fact is that these spirits were all once human, and their way of thinking doesn’t change much after death. They can even still remain materialistic in attitude. I have even heard comments from spirits making remarks that I am “poor”! (I might not have much money, I am rich in personality!)

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on May 25, 2018.

Image above: “Liberty stairwell” by Andrea Mai.

©2018 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.