The key to unlocking creativity and intuition is trust.

If you unlock your intuition, you will unlock endless creativity. What it takes to do that is trust, trust in the process and trust in yourself.

This is like the story of Peter Pan teaching the children to fly. He told them that they just needed to believe and that they could fly just like him. To believe in anything requires trust. Trust in your own judgement about yourself and others. When you start trusting, magical things start to happen.

Trust in one’s self is probably one of the biggest life lessons, possibly even larger than self-acceptance. It’s not easy to trust yourself because we live in a society that values logical information more than intuitive. Instead of looking within for answers, we look for external validation, confirmation from physical or scientific evidence that proves something to be true.

The process of learning and practicing Numerology really taught me to trust in the process and to not judge the information. One thing that gets in the way of intuition is not trusting it because we judge it. Releasing judgement frees up your energy to simply go with the flow.

I would do readings for complete strangers and start to notice the kind of information that would come up in a reading. No two readings I do are ever the same, even if they are the same numbers. I would unconsciously emphasize certain messages to individuals, not really knowing why. But it would always turn out to be the message that they most needed to hear at the time . I would also use particular phrases or words that are not part of my regular vocabulary and it would hit home with the person I was reading,

Numerology is a gateway for intuitive information to come through because it has a structure that you can trust in and allow for other unforeseen elements to play out.

When I was younger, I would be attached to the results of my creations, trying to control everything. Becoming upset if things didn’t go my way. It caused a lot of frustration within me and discouraged me from pursuing creative interests.

There was some time when I worked as a freelance designer creating design pro types. When I started I felt confident and creative, but as I worked harder to create, the harder it became until,I had to give up because I felt stuck.

I found that after developing my Numerology practice, I was becoming not only more intuitive, but creative.

I had always been interested in creating video, but I found the pursuit to be intimidating. I was very self-conscious about how I might appear and sound like on camera. I started taking steps towards video, doing voice-over narration so that I wouldn’t have to appear on camera. Eventually I started appearing on camera. Practicing and getting familiar with the process.

I would start making all kinds of videos and noticed that something magical unfolded. I would start filming things that I simply felt drawn to. Not having a reason to film it other than I felt drawn to it. I would film all this footage, not knowing what I might do with it.

Days later I would be thinking about what I might do with it. What kind of story I could tell with it. Then it would hit me like a lightning strike. The concept would come to me, I’d get on the computer and start editing. The words to narrate would start coming out unscripted. But it would all make sense and the footage would start to fall into place, even the shots that I thought would be useless would have it’s place.

Working from a place of intuition takes trust in your own abilities and to trust in the process. There is a sense of detachment where you are not afraid of its results. You have to put away your fears and the ego that might discourage you. You simply embrace the moment, going with what comes to yo, capturing it in whatever medium you work in. Whether it is writing down the words that come to you, or recording a melody that is playing in your head. You simply must catch it when it arrives and not worry what will become of it.

Doing this will lead you to unlock your limitless potential. To feel freedom and a sense of endless possibility. You do not need to practice on the technical aspect of your skill, but to practice the discipline that it requires to listen to your inner voice, to not place judgement and to follow your curiosities, trusting in what presents itself to you.