Do spirits get lonely? My answer is, they don’t seem to be, in my observation. If they are, it is by choice, because they don’t have to be, there is just so many of them over there. However depending on the attitude of the spirit, they might create a situation of isolation. I once captured an EVP where the voice of a young boy moaned, “Why is no one here?”. Others were able to hear him and they advised him on how to break out of his isolation.

To my knowledge, P is doing very well, and he is happy. He is surrounded by so many friends by his side. I often hear him having conversations with others. They seem really joyous, reminiscent of the joy of friends hanging out as children.

Here are 2 clips from my most recent EVP recording session with the EVPmaker. It sounded to me like P had visitors with him.

Someone asked him about his dog. He replied, “That’s Mia”. You can hear him in the background between the gibberish. Then at the end of the clip, Mia barked, as if to respond! She is so cute.

I had my collection of silk scarves hanging on the rack in the room. P told the guests, “Andrea make them scarves, silk scarves”. I’ve often noticed P showing my work to his guests. I’m really touched that they take an interest.


Hand made silk scarves for sale here ©2021 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.


These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on November 27, 2021.

©2021 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.