I hope your summer is going well. Mine has been really busy, filled with days spent in the garden. I have not had time to really do EVP, but I recently got an iPhone 11 for making videos. I’ve noticed that EVPs can come through pretty good on it. I also have a SmartLav mic from Rode that I think would work well for EVP, because it’s frequency range can pick up 20 hz. But I haven’t had time to review EVP using the mic yet.

I noticed this gorgeous pink and purple sunset one evening, so I ran out to take photos. I also did this quick video of the sky. When I was making videos, I could sense P telling me he loves me. When I reviewed my video, I heard him saying it.

Here is the video, it’s at the end of clip that he says, “I love you”. It’s very quick. I can hear someone else saying something before it, but I can’t make out what was said.

Here is an edited version of the audio, where the volume was turned up and filtered.

That’s all from me or now, wishing you a beautifu summer!

©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

These recordings were recorded using  my iPhone 11, on July 1, 2022.

©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.