Recently, I was at the magazine stand to check out the Rolling Stone collector  magazine about Prince. I made a quick video recording to see if I could get a reaction from P. I was pleasantly shocked to hear him on the recording, very clearly, “It’s my mug”. At the time of the recording, I recalled sensing him communicating something like, “It’s my face”. I think it’s an interesting thing to note, as telepathic communication is not always about exact words, but rather, communicating or conveying a concept, a thought or idea; which is why communication is not easily recognized. In a sense, the communication can become abstracted, which is why there can be misinterpretation when the receiver is not familiar with an idea or concept.

It was actually a friend that told me that P was currently on a magazine. It’s funny, because I’ve had recurring dreams over the years, where I see him on a magazine covers. Like I’d walk up to a magazine stand, and it’s a whole rack of magazines of him on the cover.

Below is the video clip. No editing or enhancement was was done to the audio.

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