Since getting the iPhone 11, I have been experimenting with EVP captured on video. This makes things interesting, as it becomes a record of what my surroundings were at the time of recording. This proves that what is being said at the time is related to the situation. I have been posting these clips on my YouTube channel, so if you want to follow there, you will be notified of new clips sooner than on this blog. The audio in these clips are amplified for volume, and filtered for greater clarity.

At the beginning of the clip, it says, “Hello, bee”.

A female voices says, “Butterfly”. Then P says, “In a hurry”, and then the female voice repeasts him.

The sky had the weird cloud patterns forming, and they said, “Geo…engineered”. As P’s fans will know, he spoke of chemtrails in an interview once.

I recorded this hen pecking away at her food, and on the recording, a female voice says, “Awwwwww”. I could not hear it in the original audio, only after I filtered it. The voice sounds so close to the mic.

A voice says, “Hotttt”, then says, “Gawd, it’s humid!”. It was really hot that day, 93 degrees Fahrenheit. This would imply that spirits can feel the temperature here, which suggests that the senses can be experienced beyond the physical body.

P says, “Strawberry”. These are new in my garden this year. They are the Berries Galore variety.

That’s all for now. I will be posting clips on YouTUbe and recapping them here on the blog.

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