I’ve come to understand that EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is something that is naturally occurring all the time when we are recording audio. But it is because most of us are not trained to know what it sounds like, nor do people have the interest in it to learn about it, it would seem to be thought of as rare or unusual. But it is in fact, it is happening all the time. Spirits are all around, anytime anywhere. Their presence can be recorded any time. But it is our unawareness of them, that we do not know or notice it.

I used to think that you needed to do something special to record EVP, such as to announce to them that you are recording and that you want to talk to them, or maybe that you need a special recording device. Although certain recorders are better than others for this purpose, they are being recorded all the time. I’ve had times where I have made regular recordings, either for video or to record a chat, where on the playback, I’ve noticed that what I said or what the other person said sounded different, distorted, or sounds that were never there in the first place. I found this to be very strange. And now I know that the likely cause of the distortion is due to spirits interrupting, whether done intentionally or not. I also thought that the spirits had to make a special effort to be recorded, but I found this not to be the case, as I have recorded in public places where the spirits do not know I am recording. I have also caught on recordings, spirits that were aware of my recording them, telling each other to be quiet because they didn’t want to be recorded.

I started recording EVP in February 2017, and on my first try ever, I got something. I was stunned, shocked, finally! Some proof of Prince’s presence. As I had been feeling him all along since his death, I finally had something tangible from him. I continued to make further recordings, but did not think I was succeeding, as I did not understand the nature of EVP. Looking back at old recordings, I realize that I caught something, but did not know it before, due to my lack of skill. I recommend to anyone that is trying to record EVP, to hold onto your recordings, even if you don’t think you got something, because it could just be that your listening skills are not yet developed.

I went back to some video footage that I had fromAugust 21, 2016, four months after Ps passing. I was at a wedding, in a room crowded of people that I hardly knew and (apparently) guests in spirit! To my surprise, I found a recording where a voice called out to Prince, and it was very clear. No one from the wedding party knew about me and Prince (except for my best friend, the bride). But so it would seem, that the wedding guests in spirit found out about him.

Here are two EVP clips. These ones are so clear and loud, but noisy because it was recorded in a crowded room. You still may want to use headphones to hear this properly. The clips are repeated on loop.

In this clip, the voice of a teen boy shouts, “Prince”.

And here, I guess that some guests in spirit talked amongst themselves about getting to talk to Prince,“You speak to Prince”.

I really love this because it shows that people in spirit recognized Prince with me, not long after his death, proof that he has been with me since. I reviewed other footage from the video, but the quality of it was not as good. I heard other people saying “Prince” during the wedding ceremony. I think that maybe they were a little confused as to why he would be there. Now that I am looking back at old footage, I wish I had more recordings from that time. What strange and funny things could I have found?

Image above: “Flower field” by Prince in spirit.

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