I recorded this video when I was at the grocery store yesterday. No one around me was speaking. You can hear the spirits saying “Oranges”. You can hear 3 different voices, repeating the word, “oranges”. And at the end, you hear a voice, “Did it work?”. This shows that this was a pre-meditated test that they arranged to do. Before I made the video, I felt an urge compelling me to do it. They had different voices, maybe to do a test of sorts. This goes to show that spirts are aware of our surroundings. They are not saying random words. I’ve replicated this sort of thing many times now, where they say on the recording what I am making a video of. The video below is raw, unedited video and audio.

Below is edited audio, for better listening quality. The end got cut off in editing, so you will not hear the last phrase completely..

I’m quite surprised with the results I’ve been able to get with my iPhone. I think P has been working with technicians on his side to make it happen.

According to the scientist, Sonia Rinaldi, spirits were once able to operate telephones and do all kinds of things easily to communicate. But after the use of wifi everywhere, it has caused a barrier. To resolve this situation, she was told that they have created a virtual reality version of Earth where they can interact with us.

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