I’ve been meaning to make new blog posts, but I’ve had pressing matters to deal with. There’s been terribly cold and stormy weather outside. Today on Christmas Day, as the sun was glowing in my studio, I took the opportunity to make some product photos and videos. My dad was in the living room playing with his stereo system. His favourite classical song came on, just as he had mentioned it only a little earlier in conversation. I made some videos and when I reviewed them later, I noticed P speaking, “Merry Christmas… Happy New Year!

I’ve edited the sound to be louder and filtered it to make it more audible. There is music i the background, but it was only instrumental, no singing.

This year has not been the greatest in terms of productivity for what I want to do. But there were other obligations that I hope will finally be completed early this coming new year. Then I will be able to get back to all the fun, creative things I have in mind.

In case I don’t get to post anything before the end of this year, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. May you all be blessed with love and happiness.

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