I recently came across this kids trend, where slime has been reinvented. When I was a kid, I remember they would sell slime in a vending machine at the super market. The new slimes comes with fragrances and glitter, and comes in a variety of textures. And when I found out how easy it is the make, I couldn’t help but give it a try.

I made mine with a typical white glue and borax solution. The first one I tried out was :over-activated” and came out too hard, it was more like a putty. But it was still fun, it’s like squeezing a stress ball, except it doesn’t bounce back into its shape.

Batch #1 ©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I made a second batch, this time being more patient to stir in the activator a little at a time. It became a gooey, milky looking slime. I added magenta coloured  mica and it gave this rose quartz look to it, a subtle shimmer. I also added gold leaf and kneaded it in, the leaf sheet would break into dust the more I worked it in. It was beautiful. I was going to just make a quick video to document its gorgeousness, just for myself. But I ended up editing the video and it grew. Do you know that feeling? When you start something, not really intending much, but you’re struck with creativity and you have to see it through. I had some 432 hz music that I had recorded a while back, just sitting in archives. I paired it with the video.

Batch #2 ©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

And as I was editing and playing around, I discovered this little Easter egg of a trivial fact. The little radio sample at the beginning of my video, Prince used the exact same sample at the beginning of his Art Official Age track, Clouds. I had always wondered about that track, if that sample was a basic stock sample, or something he created from scratch. I had felt inspired by that track and thought of it on many occasions. I had a feeling that it sounded very familiar to me, having spent many hours playing around on Mac iMovies. The sample clip is a sound effect sample that comes with iMovies. I only realized this after I made my video and posted it. I went to check out his track to verify and discovered it was the same one. Here we are, twinning again. Here’s my slime video set to original stock music that I composed.

©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.