A new month just began, and I am so very much looking forward to spring. I am anticipating working in the garden again, picking and drying flowers and leaves. It will still be a few months before any real work in the garden can begin. They said it may be an early spring this year. Still, we await for the last of the winter snow to be gone. I am knitting this silk mohair scarf that will go in my Etsy shop. Its airy texture is just right for the transition into spring. There are some in other colors already in the shop.

©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I’ve kept busy with working on my product designs for my shop. I haven’t been doing as much EVP recording. BUt I did do one for Valentine’s Day. I recorded with the EVPMaker running as the background sound.

I heard P talking to someone, telling them that he drew the labels on my jars. “Draw the labels”. I had used P’s channeled drawing for my label designs.


Then he said, “I draw it”. I think he’s happy with the label design, proud,  as am I. It is our collaboration.


©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Then it sounded like P had another visitor. I heard him tell someone to come inside. Then he said, “That’s my mom”. At the part where he says “mom”, you hear his voice shift between his spirit voice and the sample voice. Hearing that makes me smile. I can tell, he loves his mom so much.

There used to be a time when I worried about spirits coming and going into our space as they pleased. But it sounds like P is able to lock down his space and only let in people he wants.

Long time readers of my blog will know about the channeled drawings from P. This was kind of our early form of communication when I first discovered his presence. I would hold my finger over the iPad screen and it would glide over the screen making these drawings. Often I would receive drawings of flowers.

For a long time, I’ve wanted t design new labels for my balm jars. But none of the designs I came up with felt good enough. I wanted its design to vibe with who I am. Finally, it has come! Thank you, P.

These recordings were recorded using  my EVP Wrist Recorder 3 on February 14, 2022.

©2022 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.