Some time ago, I told you about paranormal activity that happened on my photoshoot. I was shooting self-portraits with projections of Prince’s image. The photos are shot on timer with remote control. So I have no idea what’s happening on camera until it’s over. To my surprise, my images were filled with light, unlike all my other sets of images. I didn’t quite know what to make of the images. They looked so strange, and I knew that they were nothing “accidental”.

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It wasn’t until I read about aura photography, that the word “ectoplasm” was mentioned. I remembered seeing this word in the book, Twin Souls Merging, by Jean Cline and Gary Duncan. Jean is the twin soul of George Reeves, the actor who played Superman. Gary is a parapsychologist and he studied Jean’s case. In one of their sessions, he asked George if he could separate from Jean for a little bit, just so he could see his spirit body. Gary reports witnessing ectoplasm coming out from Jean as he saw George separating.

I decided to research ectoplasm, as I had heard of it, but never seen it and I wanted to know what it looked like. I saw images on Google of photographs from the Victorian era during seances. I read descriptions explaining that ectoplasm is the spirit matter that would be seen coming out of a mediums during a channeling session. The ectoplasm would mostly be seen in the hands and head of the medium. This explained everything to me, what I was seeing in my photographs. There was this unexplainable light coming from my hands and face in the photographs. And so I started to examine the photos more closely.

I went back into Lightroom to adjust the photo settings to see if I could catch more detail in the photos. My photos are all taken in RAW format file. RAW files are what professionals use. The original RAW file itself cannot be altered, a way to prove its authenticity. RAW files also allow more adjustments to be made, because the files contain more “information”.

And yes, I got more details. The results were stunning. And it revealed a completely new dimension to the photographs. I was very much shocked when one photo revealed that Prince was holding my hand (see photo and video below). I’ve often felt him holding my hand, but never envisioned it looking like this!

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

Before and After: the images remastered with new light settings reveals more details.

Do you see it? There’s a whitish hand holding mine. That’s Prince.

©2019 by Andrea Mai. All rights reserved.

I decided to create a video of the complete set of images, in order from start to finish. This is the best way to sow you the transitions in the photographs, and to show you some of the photos in detail. So here it is, premiering now, the spirit of Prince, captured in photographs.

Images were taken on November 29, 2016, on the night of a New Moon.

Image above: “Self-portait with Prince” by Andrea Mai.

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