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I was recently led to look deeper in Prince’s song called  7, which was released on the Love Symbol album. This album was released in 1992 before he changed his name to the unpronounceable symbol in order for him to get out of his record contract. By getting out of the contract, he freed himself from the contractual obligations, and was able to release new works at the pace he desired. An early version of the Love Symbol has appeared as early as 1982, where it was just the male and female signs merged together (For more insight, see this post). Also interesting to note, 1982 is my birth year. This is when our twin soul merging on Earth began. The current version you see today was reworked when he asked his designers to further develop the  symbol for the Love Symbol album.

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Love Symbol featured on vinyl label of the 7 single

Prince was always intuitive and followed guidance from God. He has said in interviews that it was through meditation that he was told to change his name to the symbol, which in turn became the solution for getting out of the trappings his recording contract. Here is the secret of what the symbol means. It is the merging of male and female counterpart energies, as in the twin souls (also known as twin flames). Many mistake it for gender ambiguity or androgyny (or as the media likes to call it, gender fluidity), because they don’t understand the twin soul concept. Twin souls are deeply connected to each other, and channel each other’s energy, because they are the same, “cut from the same cloth. The horn-like stroke in the logo curving into a spiral is symbolic of the cosmic journey that the twins go through in order to reunite with each other (this information is told to me by Prince in spirit). On a side note, Prince was a Gemini, which is the zodiac sign represented by the twins. In his later performances during the mid-2000s, he had a pair of twin dancers to represent the twin concept. Prince was always looking for his twin counterpart, which is why people around him said that he seemed to date a certain “type”.

Love Symbol throughout the years

The concept for the 7 song is actually about twin souls that will reunite during the end times. Though he might not have had a name for what he was looking for in his life, he certainly did make music about it. Often times, Prince’s music videos are an extension of the song’s original concept, so they reveal visual clues about what the song is about. Here is the music video for it, and below are my interpretation notes with the lyrics.

by Prince

All 7 and we’ll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savoir-faire

The number 7 in Numerology is known as God’s number. often used to symbolize spirituality and divine power. It is a number often referenced in the Bible to represent God. Although one’s initial impression is to ask who are the 7, one might assume that they are his enemies. However, in this case, it symbolizes the seven deadly sins. We know he is referring to himself having been guilty of sin because in the music video, he destroys the alter ego versions of himself with beams of light. These sins, “demons”, are what stand in the way of true love. When he says ” we will smoke them all”, he means that he will cleanse his soul from sin. Smudging is the ritual burning of plant material to cleanse and purify energies. He will defeat these evils with his intelligence and know-how knowledge.

No one in the whole universe
Will ever compare
I am yours now and u are mine
And together we’ll love through
All space and time, so don’t cry
One day all 7 will die

He is speaking of the greatest love that can never compare to anyone else, that is his twin soul. Twin souls have a Godly cosmic connection that transcends through space and time reality. They were created as a pair by God, so their bond is unbreakable. It is their love that will defeat what stands in the way of love.

And I saw an angel come down unto me
In her hand she holds the very key
Words of compassion, words of peace
And in the distance an army’s marching feet (1,2,3,4 – 1,2,3,4)
But behold, we will watch them fall

The angel gives him “the kay”, “Words of compassion, words of peace”. According to Biblical reference, Jesus is the Word, and he is the key to the Kingdom of God, the key to the city. The key is the belief in Jesus and in believing, the practice of compassion and peace. The army he refers to is the external world, and the evil that rule over the world. In the video there is a group of  male and female pairings dressed identical to Prince and his female partner. This is representative of the legion of twin souls that Prince and his twin soul lead. The twin souls are the bridegroom pairs that are the 144,000 mentioned in the Book of Revelation i the Bible, they are the servants of God.

And we lay down on the sand of the sea
And before us animosity will stand and decree
That we speak not of love only blasphemy
And in the distance, 6 others will curse me
But that’s alright
4 I will watch them fall
And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will surely die in spite of
Their 7 tears, but do not fear
4 in the distance, 12 souls from now
U and me will still be here – we will still be here

He is saying that people will accuse him of speaking blasphemy in his message of love. Evil will try to interfere by twisting his words and get in his way. But he will defeat them regardless. The “plague and a river of blood” is referring to the Biblical prophecies in Revelation. But do not be afraid, as love always wins in the end.

There will be a new city with streets of gold
The young so educated they never grow old
And a, there will be no death 4 with every breath
The voice of many colours sings a song
That’s so bold
Sing it while we watch them fall

The demons that rule the world will be defeated, and we will enter into “a new city with streets of gold”. He is referring to the new city of Jerusalem, that is Heaven in the Bible, Book of Revelation 21. The young people he refers to is that people will no longer age, as there is no more death.”The voice of many colours” refers to humanity, all people of every race.

This song is prophetic of the current times we live in, as the process of Biblical prophecy unfolds. I would say that this song is a narrative of the twin soul concept and their role in preparing humanity for accession into heaven. Studying this song has given me some more insight on my personal role as a twin soul. I didn’t quite understand that my work in writing this blog would be important, but as I am seeing it, Prince and I are holding the light as role models for other twin souls. The twin soul concept is new to many and extremely misunderstood. People are looking to celebrity couples and projecting them as a kind of role model because there is that desire for an example they can refer to.  I can assure you that I take my role very seriously and will continue to spread our message of love and compassion.

Update: I know a lot of people find me through this article, so it can be a little confusing to people who are new to my site, as I don’t go through my entire background story every time I write a blog post. If you want to understand more about the Love Symbol and how it relates to the timing of my birth as this twins soul, see this post. On this blog, you’ll find plenty of posts where I share my experiences of Prince in spirit, just look under the Prince category heading on the sidebar. Also be sure to check out the video of a psychic reading I had where I “met” Prince for the first time.

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Here is a Prince autograph showing the 1982 version of the symbol.

Prince autograph

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